Anal Sphincter Muscles

Two sets of muscles separate the colon from the outside world.  One is the internal anal sphincter muscle.
 The other is the external anal sphincter muscle. Known as the
anus. As feces collects in the rectum it puts pressure on the internal anal sphincter muscle, where nerve endings send a message to the brain signaling its time to move your bowels. 
Internal anal sphincter is made of smooth muscle and is a thickening of the circular layer of the muscularis. Contracts involuntarily.
External anal sphincter is made of skeletal muscle and is a distinct muscle. It contracts voluntarily to inhibit defecation. This is what children learn to control during potty training.
 Ignoring the signal can be a cause of
constipation.  Constipation can be from mild to severe and can be caused by multitude of different things.  Poor health habits and diet are primary reasons of constipation.

cross section of the anal sphincter and rectum


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