The anus is an exit & can also be an entrance to the intestinal tract (Colon). An exit when we need to have a bowel movement or pass gas. An entrance when we insert something into the rectum or when we take an enema.
This orifice has two sets of
muscles that separate the colon from the outside world. One is the internal anal sphincter muscle. The other is the external anal sphincter muscle that keeps feces and gas from leaving the body until you are ready. It also has a very large amount of nerve endings that that are stimulated by tactile contact.  By stimulated we mean anything coming in contact with the anal tissue which can either be painful or pleasurable, as they connect to the nerves in the pelvic floor.


The Anus is a very flexible orifice, during a bowel movement it will expand from closed to approximately inch to 1 inches in diameter to allow the passage of feces.  During certain medical procedures the anus may be dilated as much as 2.5 inches or 3 inches in diameter. This type of dilation requires a very slow expansion of the muscles so as not to rip or tear them! It also can be very painful and is normally done under mild anesthetic. During an enema the anus tightens around the nozzle or tube to retain the enema liquid. When inserting anything into the anus even an enema nozzle or tube anal lubrication is extremely important!


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