Height of the Enema Bag

When we speak of  bag height, we are talking about the bottom of the enema bag above the recipient when they are in position to receive an enema.

  Normally 18 to 24 in. above the rectum produces a nice gentle flow of solution.  Any more than that can cause a feeling of being full or uncomfortable to soon, even minor cramping. Sometimes it stops flowing because of pressure in the colon.
  If the solution stops flowing for some reason you can temporarily increase the bag height until a solution starts to flow again. Sometimes the nozzle gets plugged by fecal mater and needs to be cleaned out.
You may need to raise the bag for a faster flow rate, the height can be 36 to 48 in. above the rectum.   This height will cause a reasonably fast flow of solution into the colon.  It can also possibly cause minor cramping.

Warning!  A bag height of 5 ft. or more above the rectum has been known to cause the colon to rupture!

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