Cold Water Enema

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water!
Never inject anything into your colon hotter than 115 Fahrenheit.

  Some people use a Cold Water Enema to reduce fever or to produce peristalsis after a warm enema series.  If given at a fast flow rate it will cause cramping.  Even at a very slow flow rate, some cramping will occur.  Although given in volume {2 plus quarts} it does reduce fever well.  Usually 2 to 3 qts. {2000 to 3000 milliliters} is enough liquid to fill the colon , this brings down body temperature.  

This enema is usually not held before it is released. {the longer it is held in the colon the cooler the body becomes before the water warms to body temperature}  Just a few minutes is enough. It may be repeated again later. With just a small amount {1quart} strong peristalsis will occur , many people use this enema after a cleansing series.

Enema Recipe:

2 qts. {2000 milliliters} of cold filtered water   {2000 milliliters = 2 liters which is a little over 2 qts.}
Water Temperature 50 to 65 Fahrenheit

Directions for taking or giving an Enema:


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