The Colon Tube

Many people find that using a colon tube or rectal tube in place of a rigid enema nozzle to be a lot more comfortable.  You are also able to insert a colon tube or rectal tube further into the large intestine for a better cleansing.  Colon tubes are made in a variety of sizes to fit one's personal tastes.  Some colon tubes are as much as of an inch in diameter and up to 5 feet. long.
A good size for most people is a tube that is approximately 3/8 inch in diameter and 30 in. in length. 
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The 3/8 inch diameter does not cause excessive anal distention and the 30 in length allows you to insert the tube deeply into the colon.

Normally an adult bowel movement is approximately 1 inch to 1   inches in diameter.
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As you can see there is NO problem inserting a Colon tube into the anus and rectum.
Colon tubes allow you to reach the second half of the colon directly. If you find that an enema doesn't seem to produce as good a bowel movement or if you tend to leak when you receive an enema, colon tubes can help to resolve this problem. In addition, if you are taking a coffee enema for detoxing or if you want to implant a substance deeper into your rectum and sigmoid colon
{approximately 12 in.} so that it is easier for you to hold for a specific period of time, a colon tube is an excellent tool to add to your enema equipment.  Many people use a permanent marker and make the line at the 12 in. point on the tube.
 Colon tubes are often used by people who use a high enema  for cleansing. They can also used by people with hemorrhoids. Some colon tubes are small and soft enough to be inserted past the problem area without much irritation.
  By injecting the fluid higher into the colon the recipient will  feel less pressure in the rectum. This helps soften the stool further along the intestinal tract to help feces pass the hemorrhoids with a minimum of discomfort.
 Also using a stool softener such as oil can be a great benefit. oil enemas can be purchased in small disposable type enemas or just add mineral oil or extra-virgin olive oil to your enema bag. If you were going to use oil in your enema bag  remember that oil deteriorates rubber and latex so you'll probably want to use the non latex enema bags that are available.


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