Most of us have had diarrhea at one time or another !

Now you're wondering what an enema would have to do with diarrhea?
Answer! Enemas are an easy way to help reduce the amount of bad bacteria.
Diarrhea is normally caused by the bad bacteria overwhelming the good bacteria in your intestinal tract.
Or an intestinal inflammation.
By taking an enema or enema series you will wash most if not all of the bad bacteria out of your intestinal tract.
Taking an Acidophilus/Bifidonate enema to replace the good bacteria in your intestines is a good common sense idea.

I can hear you saying now, why would I want to take an enema, my insides feel horrible as it is.
I felt the same way the first time I tried an enema but I tried it, a friend had told me how much better I would feel after I finished and she was right and another thing is that solution you expel doesn't burn like the diarrhea.

When taking an enema for diarrhea you need to fill the entire colon to insure you reach all the bad bacteria. That means for adults approximately 2 quarts or more of solution or more if possible.  You can repeat this process two or three times to ensure you have removed as much of the bad bacteria as possible this is called an enema series

Then you should take a yogurt retention enema or Acidophilus/Bifidonate retention enema 2 qts. to replace the good bacteria in your colon.  Most Children cannot hold a full 2 qts. of liquid you need to administer the amount appropriate for their age and size. Enema amounts for Children very in amount depending on age and size

A simple round of diarrhea depletes the system of potassium, magnesium and sodium, often leaving the victim tired, depressed and dehydrated. It's very important to drink plenty of clear fluids during and after a siege of diarrhea in order to avoid dehydration.

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