Enema Amounts

The amount of enema solution that a individual can hold varies greatly from person to person. Obviously a child cannot take the same amount of enema solution as an adult can.  Below is a general guideline for the amount of a person can hold.   It is dependent upon the weight and size of the person.
Recommended amounts of enema liquid for Adults&Children. The size and weight of the individual influences the amount of liquid they can take without experiencing excessive discomfort. Unless otherwise specified, a safe general rule of thumb used in the hospital is approximately one ounce of solution for every three pounds of body weight. Using this guide the following amounts could be used. Children substantially less solution than for an adult. Approximate patient weight lbs. Enema volume by weight of individual (lbs.)

25lbs.    pint  8ozs.
50lbs.    1 pint   16ozs.
75lbs.    1 1/2 pints
100lbs   1 quart
150lbs   1 1/2 quarts
175lbs   2 quarts
175lbs.to 300lbs. 2 to 3 or even 4 + quarts

  Never force more liquid than is reasonably comfortable. It will not take many enema sessions to discover the correct amount to achieve a complete cleansing. For weights in between these values in the table, use the lesser amount of solution that falls in between the weight range values.

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