Enema Directions

All enema solutions have some things in common, primarily -where they are bound to go.  Aside from that enemas are either implants or volume enemas meant to clean the colon.  Implants are
small in volume meant to be retained for long periods of time.  Most others follow the same directional course, only the additives set them apart.  Basic directions haven't changed much over time.

Add your liquid to enema bag until the desired amount is achieved. (liquid should be approximately 105°Fahrenheit at time of injection )
Make sure tubing clamp is closed, then open the nozzle or colon tube over toilet and remove air from tubing.  This eliminates the air from being injected into the colon where it can cause cramping.

Generously lubricate the anusLubricating the anus inside and out will allow easier insertion of the tube or nozzle.
  There are many positions for administering or receiving enemas (enema positions).  Probably the most often used position for receiving and enema is lying on your left side with your right knee drawn up towards the chest (sims position).  It is very comfortable for the recipient, and allows easy access to insert the nozzle or colon tube. The knee-chest position with chest against floor and rectum higher than head this is the best position to receive the first third of an enema though.
After you are in a comfortable position. Gently insert the nozzle/colon tube and start the flow of solution.  It should flow in at a rate of about 1 cup per minute (8 oz.).  A good height for the enema bag should be approximately
18 to 24 in. above the rectum when you are in position for the enema.

A good tool for this is an IV stand.
If you need flow control of the enema solution so that you can start for stop the flow of solution or just slow it down, a ramp clamp is a good option.

Inject solution into rectum slowly, approximately one cup per minute (8oz.) and take as much as possible , you can refill bag if needed. Try to slightly distend the colon or until it becomes uncomfortable to take any more solution.

Massaging abdomen in counter-clockwise direction during injection will help the solution higher into the colon.
When the enema bag is empty or no more fluid can be taken remove nozzle/rectal tube. 
For those that have trouble retaining the solution, you can fold a washcloth and press it tightly against the anus.
Or you might want to try a retention nozzle. Some people prefer to use a retention plug after they received their enema solution and removed the nozzle to help them hold the solution.

Lie in position for several minutes, this will allow the enema solution to to soften hardened feces for easier expulsion.
Then you can move to the toilet and release the enema.

When releasing the enema or just having a normal bowel movement:
You can massage the abdomen in a clockwise direction this will help move the solution back toward the rectum.

One of the best positions for expelling your enema is squatting over the toilet not sitting on it.
The squatting position puts pressure on your abdomen from your thighs.

In many countries, toilets are made so that people squat when they move their bowels. The Welles Step positions your body so that you are squatting when you sit on the toilet. Squatting,  supports the abdominal wall and the bowel as we bear down, brings about an easier bowel evacuation in this way.
People who use the Welles Step tend to have fewer hemorrhoids, hernias,  anal fissures, varicose veins and use less laxatives.
It fits under the toilet when not in use. It places the feet approximately 8 in. off of the floor.

It is best if you place a  Welles Step  and then squat down over the toilet to release your enema.

Always wash and sanitize your enema equipment after you finish.

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