Enema Liquid, Enema Solutions, recipes

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water using water in your enema solution.


   Enema Liquid { Enema Solutions, Recipes}

All enema recipes listed are nominally 2 quarts unless otherwise specified for that particular enema recipe. 2 quarts or if you are using the metric system 2 liters of solution.   Normally this amount of solution is enough to slightly distend the large intestine in most people.  However there are a few people that need more solution in order to accomplish a thorough fill.

     Enema Recipes

Soaps Suds Enema
The Simple Enema
Coffee Enema
Lemon Juice Enema
Sea Salt & Baking Soda Enema
Warm Water Enema
Salt Water Enema
Soap Suds Enema
Cool Water Enema
Cold Water Enema
Hot Water Enema
Ice Water Enema

     Strong Evacuation Type Enemas

 Milk and Molasses Enema


Retention and Implant Enemas

Implant Enema
Retention Enema

     Lubricating Type Enemas

  Oil Enemas

Soothing Enemas

Catnip Tea Enema
Chamomile Herbal Tea Enema
Herbal Enema
Essential Oil Enema

     Detoxification Type Enemas

   Coffee Enema


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organic herbs for enemas

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