Enema Series How To

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water!

An enema series is where several enemas in succession are administered or received.  Allowing time between each enema for the system to relax.
Many people take a series of three enemas in succession where as others may use six or eight to feel like they have a clean intestinal tract.
The first enema should be a cleansing enema.  There are several types of solution that can be used for a cleansing enema.  Most people use a soap suds enema made with a mild Castile soap.  Another type that may be used is a lemon juice enema.  Some may use baking soda and sea salt. You may need to use this enema a couple of times in order to be really effective on clearing out the bowel.  You should rest a few minutes between each enema to allow your body and intestines to relax.
The second enema is a plain warm water rinse enema designed to remove any soap residue in the colon.
The third enema would be a retention enema which can be a coffee enema or an acidophilus enema to replace the healthy bacteria in the colon.
If the third in the series is a coffee enema you should take a fourth enema of acidophilus to replace the healthy bacteria lost during the series.

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