Enema Water Temperature

The temperature used for enema solutions is dependent upon what you are trying to achieve !  Warm water relaxes the intestinal lining , while coldwater tends to cause a peristaltic reaction {Cramping} in the colon.  Just a minor difference in water temperature can make a world of difference, in whether an enema is comfortable or uncomfortable to tolerate.

   Most people prefer and tolerate a warm water enema {between 95║&105║Fahrenheit}, better than any other type.  However , different water temperatures can and are used, when trying to achieve different purposes.  A hot water enema would be considered to be between{105║&110║Fahrenheit}these can be uncomfortable to take , especially on the sensitive anus when releasing. 

A tepid water enema {between 80║& 95║Fahrenheit} is relatively comfortable to take can hold.  
cool water enema, between{65║& 80║Fahrenheit} can be used for lowering the body temperature
A cold water enema , between{50║& 65║Fahrenheit} can also be used for cooling the body , but is very difficult to hold.
Last but not least the
Ice Water Enema between {34║&45║ Fahrenheit} Very uncomfortable and cramping!



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