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  The use of colon hydrotherapy boards at home can be very beneficial for intestinal health.
This procedure is usually very relaxing and comfortable, as you do not have to retain the solution as you do during an enema.
 Give yourself permission to have a healthier body through the use of colonic irrigations or enemas.

 Colonic boards are more expensive to begin with than an enema bag but far cheaper than colon hydrotherapy sessions at $50.00 to $250.00 per session over a short period of time.

You fill the bucket with warm filtered water, {reverse osmosis water}. Suspend bucket at a height of approximately 2 ft. the outlet of the tubing.

   If You wish at this point, you can add to your water to the bucket.
Some people use additives to the water 1/4 cup of lemon juice, one tablespoon of Epsom salts, one cup of garlic water, blended and strained garlic cloves, or one to two cups of coffee, or one cup of bentonite clay. (All of these products will have different results so you need to know what you want to achieve!)

I personally use only warm filtered water for the colonic.

    One end of the colon board lies over the toilet bowel and the other end sits on a chair.
A few people put an old kitchen colander (strainer) in the toilet to catch any hardened mucus or fecal matter. Some people are astounded by what comes out of their colon. Seeing is believing.

    Next, lubricate the plastic tube which goes into the rectum. You can place a folded towel on the board help for comfort. Lie down and carefully insert the tube into your anus. Care must be taken when inserting the Proctel Tip into the anus and rectum. These tips are a very small diameter 3/16 in. and fairly rigid.  Without care you can easily puncture the rectal wall.

Do not try to hold too much water in the beginning. If you feel moderate pressure, then simply “relax the anus and release” and the water will come pouring out into the toilet. The more you get used to taking home colonics, the more you will know exactly how much you can take before needing to release.

  I recommend that people start the process with what they feel comfortable with themselves. Some people are going to feel much more at ease having a trained professional assisting them to clean their colon. Other people can get their brains around an enema or colonic but feel too shy or embarrassed to let a stranger do this for them.
I think that you will be pleased with the results !

 For a more comfortable colon cleansing session try lighting a couple of scented candles and darken the room a little for a more relaxing experience.

colon-board.jpg (24315 bytes)
Home Colonic Board setup ready to use.




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