Ice Water Enema

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water!
Never inject anything into your colon hotter than 115 Fahrenheit.

This enema is for the advanced user only!
The ice water enema is extremely hard to take as it normally causes instant peristalsis of the rectum and sigmoid colon {extreme cramping}.  Most people can not take more than a pint or two before they have to evacuate because of cramping although there are exceptions I'm sure.
For a medical reason to use an ice water enema, I am sure it would help to reduce a fever but I'm not sure the cramping would be worth the benefit.
Enema Recipe:
Fill enema bag with crushed ice, add cold ice water to finish filling bag. This enema will end up being about 36 to 45 Fahrenheit.

Directions for taking or giving an Enema:

Some people when using this enema will use a Colon tube to get the ice water past the rectum, so they can instill the solution higher in the colon for a more intense feeling.  They normally do this after they have taken one or two cleansing enemas so the colon tube can be inserted easier and further into the large intestine.

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