The Implant Enema


Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water when using water!

 Implants are a perfect way to nurture the body after an enema.
Implants can be refreshing, stimulating, calming, cleansing etc depending upon your objective.
Implants are particularly useful if you can't take food or supplements orally, either from nausea or an inability to consume food because of injury.  This is referred to as rectal feeding.
We've compiled a list of recipes used for a retaining enema (450 ml) which remains in the body for up to 45 minutes. Some of the implant will be absorbed by that time. If it is prepared for an implant (50 ml) it may remain over night and will be absorbed by the colon to nourish the body.
There are many more herbs than are described here. Just follow the general guidelines for making up implants from other herbs.

General guidelines for making up Implants:

Implants should be given at body temperature(35C - 38C)
Extracts: from 500 ml bottle of extract use 1 capful to 1 liter of water
Dried Herbs: 1 handful to 1.25 liter of water. Boil, add herbs, simmer for 20 minutes
Green Herbs: 5 handful to 1.25 liter of water. Boil, add herb, simmer 20 minutes

Implant Recipes


Normally implant enemas use only a small amount of solution.   
Usually between 1 to 16 oz..  This is so it does not cause distention in the rectum and sigmoid colon so you can retain the implant easier.


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