Lemon Juice Enema

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water!

Lemons have many uses but this may be one people are less familiar with.  It might become a part of your enema regimen.
A lemon juice enema is an excellent means of cleansing the colon of fecal matter and other impurities and of detoxifying the system. This enema also balances pH of the colon, and is useful whenever cleansing of the colon is desired, as well as for colon disorders, such as constipation.

Lemon Juice will help cleanse your colon of fecal matter. It generally produces mild irritation of the intestinal lining.
This enema also helps balance the pH factor because it is slightly acidic.

A Lemon Juice Enema solution creates mild peristalsis in the colon. {the  rhythmic contractions of smooth muscles along the colon which cause evacuation}


To make the solution for the lemon juice enema, add the juice of 3 lemons to 2 quarts of lukewarm steam-distilled or quality water. (Be sure to avoid using either very cold or very warm water.) If desired, add 2 droppers full of liquid kelp to boost the mineral content of the solution.

Place all of the solution in an enema bag. Do not use petroleum jelly to lubricate the tip of the enema bag. Instead, use vitamin E oil (buy it in oil form or pierce the end of a vitamin E capsule and squeeze the liquid onto the tip). The liquid will both ease the insertion and have a healing effect on the anus and the lining of the colon, if these areas are inflamed. Aloe vera may also be used for this purpose.

Note: that 2 quarts is a lot of liquid. If you experience any pain during insertion, stop the flow of the enema bag and remaining in the same position, take deep breaths until the pain subsides. The resume the enema flow. If you expel the liquid before all of it has been inserted, simply begin the process over again. If pain persists, discontinue the enema procedure.

Hold the solution in your body for 3 to 4 minutes before allowing the fluid to be expelled. After 2 or 3 such sessions, you will find it easier to insert and hold the liquid. Hold the solution as long as you can before expelling.


If you have trouble with constipation, use the lemon juice enema once a week, and the coffee retention enema once a week. The bowels will shortly move on their own, the colon will be clean, and the stool will not be foul-smelling.

If you suffer from colitis, use the lemon juice enema once a week. Any time pain from colitis is experienced, this enema will quickly relieve the discomfort.

If you are allergic to lemons, prepare the enema solution with 1 to 2 ounces of wheat grass or garlic juice or aged garlic extract in place of the lemon juice, or fill the enema bag with plain distilled water.


Lemon juice in the enema water will help induce mild cramping. {peristalsis} Which is what you need to have a good bowel movement.

Directions for taking or giving an Enema:

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