Releasing Enema on Toilet

After your finished taking your enema you will need to release it.   Normally , this is done while sitting on a toilet.  However, in America , we think of comfort rather than the most efficient means of emptying our bowels.  In many other countries, toilets are made to where you have to squat over them. The Welles Step is an innovative tool that positions your body so that you are sort of squatting when you sit on the toilet. Squatting, supports the abdominal wall and the bowel without having to bear down as hard, this brings about a more natural and complete bowel evacuation. People who use the Welles Step tend to have fewer hemorrhoids, hernias, anal fissures, and use less laxatives. Complete bowel evacuation leads to better health.

The Welles step is obtainable in several places on the internet.  Just type it into your browser.

Varieties of the Welles Step

picture of the product 'Welles Step' and it's use in elimination

version of a 'Welles Step' which puts the body in a good position for eliminating an enema

Leaning forward to expel puts more pressure on the abdomen so you do not have to strain yourself pushing.

Below are sources for enema equipment and products that we use ourselves.  We enjoy the convenience and privacy of shopping in our own home.

organic herbs for enemas

organic coffee for enemas, enema equipment

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