Retention Nozzle

Many people feel that when taking an enema they will not be able to retain the nozzle and solution and might have an accident of the nozzle slipping out or leaking solution. For those that feel like this could happen during an enema procedure a retention nozzle or retention plug nozzle could be the answer. Their are many different types of retention nozzles and plugs.
Maybe you just want to have help retaining the solution while you're waiting for when it's time to expel the enema.
These types of nozzle will help you relax so that the enema may do its job correctly.

Other people prefer to remove the nozzle and then insert a anal retention plug to wait out the time that they are going to hold the enema.

This balloon type enema nozzle is used for people that have difficulty maintaining control of their anal sphincter.
 Nozzles are made of a non-Latex product which works well for those that have an allergy to Latex.  They are also flexible, which means less chance of injury to the anal tissue or rectal wall.
 You insert the nozzle into the
anus just past the balloon and then inflate the balloon.
 You can use any of of several lubricating products on this type nozzle


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