Sea Salt & Baking Soda Enema

Remember when taking enemas always use filtered or bottled water!
Never inject anything into your colon hotter than 115║ Fahrenheit.

People on a low-sodium diets or have congestive heart failure need to be very careful the using any salt water enema.

Sea Salt and Baking Soda Enema Recipe:

1 Tablespoon sea salt per quart of water
{Never use iodized salt}
1 Tablespoon baking soda per quart of water
2 quarts warm filtered water  {Mix well}
Temperature 105░Fahrenheit
Most health food stores carry sea salt and there are many online sources also.  
in an enema always use sea salt and never a iodized product

A a slow, baking soda enema helps re-normalize a persons pH or body acidity. It's only when your acidity is HIGH, meaning "low" pH that you get sick, at all. Sometimes even a slow soapy enema will help normalize the pH.

Therefore, restoring or re-normalizing your pH can be a quick, painless, and drug-free way to help your body heal itself.

Sea salt and baking soda enema is used to cleanse the body when procedures as x-rays, endoscopy, surgery and other gastronomical procedures are performed it is also recommended for after these procedures to remove excess barium, restoring the body's natural function.

Directions for taking or giving an Enema

Repeat until you feel completely cleaned out.
You can refill bag as needed.


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