Small Volume Enema

You can easily and effectively use a bulb syringe to flush out the rectum and lower part of your colon in the privacy of your own home.  A small volume enema is much less an investment of time as an enema to cleanse the entire colon.

A small volume enema is probably the best tool to use when severely constipated or impacted with a few ounces of an enema solution.

While a bulb syringe can be used effectively, the use of an enema bag is still our  recommendation. Enema bags are more flexible than prepackaged enema solutions, and more effective than small-volume methods for administering an enema. While small-volume enemas can be used to cleanse the colon for many of the same purposes, the larger capacity of the enema bag has been shown to be more effective in providing more thorough cleansing of hardened fecal matter and fecal residue from the colon and the rectum.

The type of enema solution can vary from plain warm filtered water to mineral oil or extra-virgin olive oil or possibly soap suds and water. Enemas with oils also lubricate the rectal walls, which helps facilitate an easier more comfortable evacuation.

Usually the enema consists of approximately 8 to 16 oz. of liquid and are held in the rectum for a period of time to soften the hardened fecal material.  The amount of time required to soften this feces depends on how hard and dry the material in the rectum is.  Normally 30 to 45 minutes is enough time to sufficiently soften the feces that will allow a bowel movement.  However the longer the time you retain the liquid the softer the material will become you are trying to eliminate.

The hardest part of the procedure is negotiating the nozzle past hardened feces without becoming clogged.  Many people find that the nozzle becomes plugged while inserting it into the rectum.  You can pretty much alleviate this by starting to inject the liquid as the nozzle first penetrates the anus before it reaches feces.  You can also angle the nozzle to pass alongside the feces being careful not to injure the anal opening or rectal tissue.  Lubrication is very important when inserting any object into the anal opening.  You need to thoroughly lubricate the nozzle and the anus, the anus should be well lubricated inside as well as outside.

Possible enema solutions for a small volume enema.

pictured is doctor bonners pure castile soaps for taking an enema

olive oil makes a very good solution for taking an enema

sea salt is a very good additive for taking an enema

pictured is kirks pure castile soap for use in an enema solution mineral oil is a very good additive to an enema to eliminate constipation

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